waterways of phantasy

waterways of phantasy

Having grown up between North- and Baltic Sea, later on sailed -departing from Vienna- most of the 7 seas, I do have a deep relation to the Great Waters of the globe, all in contrast to my 'landlocked' place of living-SEAT!? seems wanting to fasten me: but do i allow it? If so, then only in order to let my urge for freedom flow straight from impression into painting. The images are supposed to be a mirror of feelings about our handling this fascinating element of strong nature: how small in comparison is the human being.

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"PLASTICS RAINBOW", acrylics/pigments on canvas, 2017, 100 x 80 cms

..from the atelier to the above paintings

The many faces of our seas can be referred only marginally, but I'll try a bit.

Full of contrasts by all means: from glaciers reaching into the sea like in "Feuerlandeis" (ice at Tierra del Fuego, atelier-made) to "Tropenfeuer" (tropical fire, made on a beach of Southern Bali while watching the spectacular tropical sunset); from "mediterran winterlich" (winterly mediterranean, created on the beach of the Lido of Venice in the first days of January, with fingertipless gloves on, all in order to be able to genuinly reflect the special winterly colour and light impression) to "WinterMEERchen" (this painting was selected for the title of the so-named exhibition in August/September 2010 at the Vienna Palais Kabelwerk groundfloor, made during a whole-day's studying the game of ocean waves on the beach of Lanzarote). The painting in egg-tempera technique "Ozean schwappt über" (ocean goes overboard) was selected for the art collection of Palais Kabelwerk, Vienna. Beautiful cirrus clouds in the sky above the Greek island of Zakynthos were the inspiration for the painting "Jetstream gießt den Ozean aus" (jetstream pours out the ocean), made while attending the SOAK summer academy in 2010. Thoughts about the profession of the lighthouse warden "Leuchtturmwärterposten beleuchtet" also reflect a job which was very much admired and shown in movies and literature during my childhood, whereas nowadays it has mainly been replaced by electronic automatization. The next 3 (atelier-made) paintings reflect the 2010 oilspill in the Gulf of Mexico. Rests to describe the brushpen drawings which were done together with the watercolours "Coralreef sufferings" on the French volcanic island La Réunion, with a view to emphasize the worries of the local population about damages which too many swimmers/divers can easily provoke when touching the reef even unvolontarily with their flippers or also when boats drop their anchors  which can lead to unrepairable breakages and thus irrevocable destruction of this ever so sensitive ecologic underwater reef life system.