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"NATURE's SCREAM", oil, pigments, ink/collage on canvas, 2019, 100 x 80 cm


Exhibition - coming soon

THANK YOU to all visitors of this site:


Exhibition DIE SEE - THE SEA - LA MER
(six works)

Place: Gallery KITZ ART
Im Gries 21

Duration of the exhibition 1 - 30 June 2020 (mounting 30 May - demounting 1 July 2020)
opening hours of the gallery Wednesday-Saturday 1000-1200 hrs
Friday 1500-1700 hrs


and - new work, still drying:

tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/maerz2017/MARCH2020/BETEIGEUZES LICHTQUELLENWELT.jpg
BETEIGEUZES LICHTQUELLENWELT (Beteilgeuze's World of Light Sources)
oil on canvas, copper and goldleaf, 2020, 100x80 cms 



"..HAPPY about YOUTH", oil on canvas, 2019, 100 x 80 cms
was on show at  ART MARBELLA 2019


tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/Sept 2014/Schmelzend 019.JPG
"Melting", acrylic on canvas, 2014, 100 x 80 cm

4 original works were at exhibition
"Water for Life" at
Universidad del Caribe
Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
7 to 15 November 2019


2 original works were shown at the
Florence Biennale (Mostra Internazionale
d'Arte Contemporanea + Design)
18 to 27 October 2019,
Padiglione Spadolini, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy,
tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/maerz2017/PREGNANT GLOBE.JPG  tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/maerz2017/HIMMELSBLICK.jpg



4 original works were at ART MARBELLA - Spain-
from 29 July to 3 August 2019



Group exhibition "Open horizons"
Finissage on Saturday 7 September 2019 as of 1600 hrs at
"werkstätte für kunst im leben",A7052 Müllendorf,Fabrikstrasse 8
where a.o. 3 works were shown in original
"mother EARTH signs 3 crosses and...(is HAPPY about the YOUTH)
oil on canvas, 2019,100 x 80 cm



days of the artist's open atelier doors (Tage der offenen Ateliertür)
A-2443 Stotzing, Feldgasse 1,
  1-2 + 8-9 JUNE 2019, 1000-1800 hrs
with 'artist in residence' Renate KASTNER-FRIED,



 'GOLDEN GRAIL', acrylic/pigments from Roussillon/gold-leaf on canvas
2018, 100 x 80 cm
the original was shown a.o. in the exhibition "VISIBLE IREALITY" in the
Maschio Angioino Museum/Castel Nuovo, Naples, Italy
from 24 May to 4 June 2019,



"OCEAN GOES OVERBOARD", egg tempera on canvas, 100x80 cm,

was part of the 'London Art Biennale'
at Chelsea Old Town Hall, King's Road, London SW3 5EE,
from 22 to 26 May 2019



Affordable Art Fair - HONG KONG, 15 - 19 May 2019  where 4 of my works were shown at the booth of The gallery STEINER



  L A ART-SHOW, 23-27 January 2019,  at booth no. 340 of The gallery STEINER
2 of my works were shown in original 



ART INNSBRUCK from 16 - 20 January 2019 (preview on 16 Jan. 2019)
2 of my works were shown at the booth A03 of KITZ ART 



ART SALZBURG, Messegelände Salzburg (fair), from 18 to 21 October 2018:,
4 works will be shown there at the booth of The gallery Steiner
tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/april2014/metapher-zu-Hiob.jpg tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/jan2016/FDgedanken.jpg
'HIOB'                               'FD-Gedanken'

20.-23. September 2018 to the TWENTIETH
"20. CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR ZURICH 2018", STAND no. 14, c/o 'the gallery STEINER'
(PLEASE SEE my 'Newsletter no. 28)


at the 'Museo d'Arte di Chianciano Terme' (Viale della Libertá 280, I-53042) and its 'Chianciano Biennale 2018' which will take place from 11 to 19 August 2018 and where you will find the originals of my two works "VENUS PARADISE", diptych, acrylics on canvas, 100x160 cm, 2017 and "MANET rewounded", acrylics on canvas, 2011-14, 70x50 cm.

tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/maerz2017/VENUS paradise.jpg 


These two works will be shown at the 'ART MARBELLA'
Marbella Congress Hall, Spain,
from 20 to 25 July 2018


tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/maerz2017/Oceans' Feelings.jpg


please note: this work will be shown as of 27 May 2018until 1 July 2018 at

KIRCHE AM WEGE, Biedermanngasse 13, A-1120 Vienna,
Motto "Wir sind Wien 2022"(we are Vienna 2022)

tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/maerz2017/love wins 003.jpg
"LOVE WINS", acrylics on canvas, 2017, 100 x 80 cm


Rathausplatz 9, A-2320 SCHWECHAT
on Thursday 7 June 2018 at 1900 hrs
please see here


ON SATURDAY/SUNDAY 26/27 May 2018, 1000-1800 hrs
at Feldgasse 1, A-2443 STOTZING, Burgenland

to VERNISSAGE on  20 JANUARY 2018 from 1700 to 2100 hrs  group (IGEMOJN) exhibition 'LOVE WINS'
at The gallery STEINER, Kurrentgasse 4, A-1010 Vienna, Austria
exhibition from 8 to 27 January 2018, open MO-FRI from 1500 to 1900 hrs
Here comes the link to photos taken at the Vernissage



Atelier with constant show of latest works
A-2443 Stotzing, Feldgasse 1
title "Vielfalten" (diversity)

Exhibition 'Ostfriesland' (16 new works by Traute Macom) Gemeindezentrum St.Rochusgasse 1, Eisenstadt

work corner

Obere Kirchengasse 23, A-3204 LANGENZERSDORF;
duration of the exhibition 21 October-5 November 2017, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 1400-1800 hrs

"this is MY water", acrylic on paper, A-4,


THANK YOU to the numerous visitors of 'künstlerInnen burgenland juni 2017 ...tag der offenen ateliertür' -days of open atelier doors


Bild: "Wiederaufbau" (reconstruction), Acryl/Erdpigmente, 2017, 120x100 cm


title of exhibition: "...menschenmöglich" (humanly possible)


only just recently:

Exhibition "COMPOSIZIONI ASTRATTE" 6-18 January 2018
Galleria ARTtime, Vicolo Pulesi 6, I-33100 UDINE, Italy

13 October 2017 1900 Vernissage of the MT300 (Maria Theresia) at the monastry Kloster St.Anna in der Wüste, Mannersdorf/Ltbg

THANK YOU TO ALL VISITORS OF OUR VERNISSAGE, a brief report by SW1 TV can be found here

or also at
archives, look for 'vernissage igemojn 17.5.2017'

the exhibition can still be seen until 5 June 2017 during opening hours of the SCHWECHAT TOWNHALL


A brief introductory TV-spot can be viewed here


Malerei Traute Macom - Multimediashow Hedda Pflagner
Wednesday 19 April 2017, 1900 hrs
Evangelisches Gemeindezentrum, St.Rochusstrasse 1, A-7000 Eisenstadt


March 2017 'meART' Palermo, 9-12 March 2017 (two works),
29 March to 2 April 2017 two works at the


11 January 2017 until 26 March 2017
"Blaues Gold - Wasser in Kunst"
Landesgalerie Burgenland, Franz Schubert-Platz 6, A7000 Eisenstadt

(my work 'Trinkwasserabfluss', acrylic on canvas, 2015, 100x80 cm);
DURATION OF EXHIBITION 12 January - 26 March 2017

21-23 October 2016 the above work 'BLACK (hole) swallows it all' can be seen at the PARIS LOUVRE EXPO, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris;

28-30 October 2016 Participating (3 Works) in

"Internationaler Kunstsalon im Tuniberghaus"

im Maierbrühl 2

D-79112 FREIBURG-Tiengen;

(detailed programme can be seen on my facebook-page)




Only until 14 October 2016 Group Exhibition

End-of-studies of 16 students of the ATTERSEE-MASTERCLASSES




Grüssworte (words to greet you):
Prof. Christian Ludwig Attersee

Musik: Jazzensemble (Christian Schuller, sax & Peter Janisch, guit)


Place: Haus der Begegnung (HdB), Kalvarienbergplatz 11, A-7000 Eisenstadt

Date: 15. September 2016, starting time: 1900 Uhr

Duration of the exhibition until 14 October 2016
Visit during office hours of the HdB

(invitation design by Eva Dvorak)



20 September 2016 Event for the Benefit of Sonnenlandschule Eisenstadt: "LESUNG-KLAVIERMUSIK-KUNST-ANTIKES" (literature reading-piano-arts-antiques)- ARTS-AUCTION after the break. Place: HAYDNSAAL, SCHLOSS ESTERHAZY(castle), Eisenstadt. Access as of 1800 hrs. One of my works will be shown;

September 2016 1x yearly renewing the Straßengalerie(streetgallery) Mannersdorf;

29 April 2016 Part of the Vernissage 'Arte NOAH', Kunsthalle Feldbach, 2. place with my work 'endangered species, I'm one of them - gez. Feldhase' combined with

18-20 August 2016 Atelier-days/Finissage 'Arte NOAH', Kunsthalle Feldbach (I painted the work 'auf feurigem Grund'(on firy grounds) acrylic on canvas, 2016, ca 185 x 205 cms);


April 2016 - Participating in spring exhibition of KKM at the BAXA Kalkofen;

April-Juni 2016 end of studies - master-classe with Prof. Christian Ludwig ATTERSEE;

9-10 July 2016 welding of 3 objects of waste-metal, Mannersdorfer Kreativsommer;




BIG THANK YOU to the numerous visitors! of

'Burgenland - days of open ateliers' which took place on 21-22 May and 28-29 May 2016

Details in my newsletter no17, here


"BALL of BASE in OUTER SPACE", diptychon, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 160 cm

tl_files/bilder/noch nicht zugeordnet/BALL of BASE in OUTER SPACE.jpg

'once upon a time there was diversity', acrylics on canvas, 2015, 100 x 80 cm

tl_files/bilder/noch nicht zugeordnet/Artenvielfalt GEWESEN.jpg



'a sea of flowers', acrylics on canvas, 2014, 100x80 cm



'singing sea waves', detail, acrylics on canson, 2014, 46x62 cm


Thank you to all visitors to the vernissage on 21 January 2016



VERNISSAGE on 21 January 2016 (1800 -2000 hrs)

at our group atelier

Märzstrasse 120, VIENNA 15th.


STILL IN  EISENSTADT Townhall (Hauptstraße 35) until 15 February 2016, the exhibition ARTFOCUS with three of my works on the subject '90 years capital of Burgenland', sub-group (of 3) named 'E90' -access during office hours -.

AND - also:


Still a BIG THANK YOU TO THE NUMEROUS VISITORS at our shows in Vienna on 6 December and those in Langenlois, and in Köflach

who followed our invitation:



and what happened so far:

Many thanks to all visitors of the

INVITATION: the initiative "Künstler Burgenland - Tag der offenen Ateliertür" is ON again, hence the door to my atelier will be open on

Thursday, 4 June 2015
Saturday, 6 June 2015 and
Sunday, 7 June 2015

opening hours from 1000 to 1800 hours,

atelier at FELDGASSE 1, A2443 STOTZING, Burgenland (google map)

The show will focus on excerpts from my travel sketchbooks, -this time painted on ceramic ground, burnt-, and various paintings of the last two years.

tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/mai2015/akakus_kl.png tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/mai2015/tomatenfrosch_kl.png tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/mai2015/botella_zoomorfa_kl.png



"EYE sees IRIS" (Acrylics on canvas, 80x100 cms, 2015)

Exhibition "Ice-Ashes"

The exhibition "EIS-ASCHEN (Ice-Ashes)" can still be visited until 20 March 2015 - details in newsletter no. 13:


Created during summer 2014

Painting: "Big-City-Goat or the more and more opening gap between Rich and Poor", Acrylics on canvas, 2014


Thank you for having visited us at the group exhibition of the KKM.

Duration of the show: 5. Sept. - 26. Okt. 2014



tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/NICE plage.JPG

"NICE plage II", ink and watercolours, 2011

The original was shown (as 1 of 6) in März 2014 at

Broadway Gallery, New York

"global projects artists at home and abroad"

473 Broadway, 7th floor

view article



"Morgensumpf", 2013, Acryl auf Leinwand



Sunday, 27 October 2013 (Date of vernissage) until end of February 2014
at the
cult art gallery
Hotel Burg Schlaining (Friedensburg-Peace Castle)
Rochusplatz 1, 7461 Stadtschlaining

book "International Contemporary Artists, Vol V"

with the two following works I am represented in the reference book "International Contemporary Artists, Vol V", page 153, ICA Publishing, ISBN 9786188000711


tl_files/bilder/ozeanico/Ozean_schwappt_ueber.jpg  tl_files/bilder/desertification/Wueste_schwappt_ueber.jpg

left: 'Ocean goes over board', egg tempera on canvas, 2010
right: 'Desert goes over board`, egg tempera on canvas, 2010


Two opposing nature phenomena are introduced here.




"SPLASH & WAVE" - already in the past: MANY THANKS TO THE NUMEROUS VISITORS FOR JOINING IN. And for those who could not make it, her a link to photographs (by Artstage)

Please find here as it was last September:


Collage aus
Andreas Roseneder "kefalonian blue", 2012, aquabrick auf papier &

Traute Macom "rising Zakynthos", 2012, aquarell

  (a limited edition of 16 prints, signed by both, is available at either artist's)


Waves of the sea and waves of arts - reflections from the time of the Summer Academy 2012 on the Ionian island of Zakynthos, Greece


BAGL afFAIRs, 7.-11. September 2011

The originals of this painting "4M", Acrylics on canvas, 2008, as well as 2 more works "4W" (see abstracts) and "Evaporation" were shown at location

Berlin, Spandauerstr. 2, S-Bahn Hackescher Markt

Duration: 7.-11.September 2011


Melodie der Stille soundless impressions Landschaftskörper ver-wüstet

Triptych ( r.): "Melodie der Stille", "Soundless Impressions". "Landschaftskörper ver-wüstet"

The originals of triptych DESERT GOES OCEAN - OCEAN GOES DESERT could be seen at the  BAGL-SPRINGtime 2011 exhibition.


Place: Berlin, Spandauerstr. 2, S-Bahn Hackescher Markt

Duration: 29.4. - 3.5. 2011

Äthiopien 2010 - kleines Reisemalbüchlein zum Blättern

browse here by clicking

They are raising awareness..

Following my paintings show "WinterMEERchen - a painted comparison between desertification and overboarding ocean" in August/September 2010 at Vienna's Palais Kabelwerk groundfloor, the below quoted article appeared on the homepage of http://www.unddd/ 


"Raising awareness on Deserts and Desertification can be done through many ways.

(by United Nations Decade for Deserts and the fight against Desertification 2010 - 2020)

Traute Macom has criss-crossed many deserts during the last 20 years. Her first contact was with the "White Desert" of Egypt. She instantly felt the same as those who discovered the desert for the first time: beauty and threat. Then came the Namib, the Atacama, Gobi, Taklamakan, and the Sahara deserts, which she traversed first in 2005 from Casablanca to Dakar and in 2009 from Tripolis via Ghadames to the Akakus Mountains in Libya.

One travel after the other, one desert after the other, she gathered many stories. She tells stories about the Nile corridor greening the Sahara; about a village swallowed by sand; rock carvings of wild life that are up to 10000 years old; or the yellowish Harmattan dust winds well known in western Africa.

In her paintings, Ms Macom uses the sea as a metaphor for deserts, and expresses the contradictory feelings of beauty and threat through two seas; the sand-sea, and the water-sea. In her words, "both offer unique special light situations to painters.

Ms Macom is a German painter living in Vienna.

For more information, visit her blog: and view her report of a recent vernissage (direkter downloadlink zur Datei "Report WinterMEERchen.pdf")"