steam steamer steamship steamy

Our water surfaces are exposed to plain sunshine, enormous quantities of steam rise and drift away according to air current directions, form clouds and subsequently according to temperature, either crystals or drops which reach us as rain. We do get this circle as a present, especially it can be observed out on sea in the tropic zone of convergence. All emissionen seem to come back to us one way or the other just like in 'toskanischer Regentag' and whether we like it or not, whether we want it or not, none of them are 'lost'. This eternal circle of steaming is painted here, uprising from the watery surfaces of the globe, descending in bigger and bigger quantities in form of raindrops, snowflakes, hale. But here also the human being has known to make use of steam and keen on new developments as we are, obtains products which were gained by using steam like steaming sea water for extracting salt in salines, or by distilling -like we saw on La Réunion- where healing oils and essences are extracted from the plant geranium, just a small exemple next to use in industrial machinery. Such observances are shown in these paintings.

tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/ALLES WILL ANS LICHT.jpg
"Alles will and Licht"(ALL want to see the LIGHT)
acrylics/pigments onn canvas, 2016, 100 x 80 cm

...raining in circles

Above eternal cycle of evaporation is described here, painted like trying to make visible with laser beam. The images ranging from 'Evaporation' to 'offshore evaporation Zakynthos' incurred during my stay in the SOAK summer academy on Zakynthos. The ink brush drawing "Evaporation makes sense" I painted standing right on the edge of the pool of saline, the images "geranium" and eponymous distillery were also built on the spot during my visit to La Reunion. "Tuscan rainy day" is a studio picture, painted from memory.