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Traute Macom, born (1947) in Flensburg, Germany

Language Studies, first acquaintings with arts in Hamburg and Paris (1966-1969)

1969 move to Vienna, career with international organizations;

evening classes in art (portrait and body/anatomy for artists)

at Urania (Prof.Weinmann and Asst.Pill) and ABC artschool

2006-present  KKM (member) and Mannersdorfer Kreativsommer, works in acrylics, watercolor, drawing, stone and wood

2010, 2012 SOAK summer academy on Greek island Zakynthos

2011 akademie GERAS, caricatures with MMag. Bernd Weidenauer

2012 Etching (dry-point) with Anna Käse at EAGL Gallery, Berlin

2013 Künstlerdorf Neumarkt/Raab, Etching with Prof. Hans-Jürgen Gartner

2013-2015 akademie GERAS, Atelier-studies with

Prof. Christian Ludwig Attersee, diploma in June 2015

2015-2016 akademie GERAS; Master Class with

Prof. Christian Ludwig Attersee; diploma in June 2016

now works as freelance artist


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Participation in Exhibitions

1980 Aug.-Sept. Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Zweite Freie Wiener Kunstausstellung
1986 Sept.-Okt. Galery Alte Post, Westerland/Sylt, Germany, Art Competition
1986 Autumn, Vienna International Center, UN Women’s Guild Bazaar-Art Sale

2006-present Mannersdorfer Kreativsommer, BAXA KALKOFEN, KKM Kunstkreis Mannersdorf/Leithagebirge each time the end of season exhibition, 'Arte Eremus' and 'Gegensätze' (contradictions) in the monastry St.Anna in der Wüste, and Mannersdorf castle and -museum; Street-Gallery (outer walls of the castle)

2011-2013 BAGL SPRINGtime , BAGL afFAIRS, Quadriart and Etching at EAGL Gallery, Berlin

2012 "Splash & Wave" in the "Wiener-Zante-Becken" in Stotzing, Andreas Roseneder paints, Traute Macom draws

2012 exhibition for celebrating 40 years 'Kirche am Wege', Vienna Hetzendorf

2013 Member of DAS KÜNSTLERDORF Neumarkt an der Raab

2013-2014 "Heimat-erdig", Hotel Burg Schlaining, Stadtschlaining, Burgenland

2014 March, 'Broadway Gallery' New York, NY, "global projects artists at home and abroad"

2015 February, "Stacheldraht", 'Kirche am Wege', Vienna Hetzendorf

2015-16 'times changing' - Member of group IGEMOJN, exhibitions by

2016-18 'ARTE NOAH', Kunsthalle FELDBACH, Styria, Austria (2nd place)

2016-17  meArt Palermo, Art EXPO Carrousel du Louvre Paris,
  "BLAUES GOLD-WASSER IN DER KUNST" Burgenländische Landesgalerie Eisenstadt,
  , Rathaus Schwechat, Hanak Museum Langenzersdorf,

2018 Galleria ARTtime Udine
2018-today the Gallery STEINER Vienna,

2016+2018 BIENNALE at Museo d'Arte/Royal Galery Chianciano Terme-Toscany

2019 "WATER for LIFE", Universidad del Caribe (UNICARIBE), Cancun, Mexico

Solo Exhibitions

2009 Autumn Galery Haus der Begegnung, Eisenstadt, "Der Mensch in unser aller Umgebung"

2009 New Year's Eve, Evangelische Kirche, Eisenstadt, paintings subject "annual circles"

2010 Weltgebetstag,  "Afrika"

2010 May-July St.Andrä am Zicksee, Exhibition „…weitere Träume“

2010 Aug.-Sept. Palais Kabelwerk groundfloor, Vienna 12th, "WinterMEERchen" , a painted comparison between Desertification and overboarding ocean, also to be read about at http://unddd/ -"they are raising awareness"

2011-2013 Evangelic church, Eisenstadt, (together with Hedda Pflagner, fotos) artists review of travels of the community in 2010 (Galicia, Bukowina), 2011 (Galicia too - Spain/Portugal), 2012 (France/Alsace/Germany), 2013 (Baltic States and Masuria/Gdansk); selected paintings for the occasion of confirmation in 2011

2011 Evangelische Kirche am Wege, Vienna-Hetzendorf, '..abstracts' and "WIR SIND WIEN 2022"

2012 cover page design (Baustein) for 'dem Glauben einen Raum geben', Ev. Gemeindezentrum Eisenstadt

2013 July-August, 'Olivae and other exotic delices', Kunstraum O, Eisenstadt-Oberberg, the smallest gallery of Austria

2015 March, "ICE-ASCHEN", Kunstraum 40, Wulkaprodersdorf, Burgenland

2016 January, 'times changing', Atelier IGEMOJN, Vienna

2013 - today '...künstler burgenland ...tag der offenen ateliertür' (artists of Burgenland, days of open atelier-doors)

Paintings in public ownership

Landesmuseen Burgenland/Burgenländische Landesgalerie, Eisenstadt

Haus der Begegnung, Eisenstadt,

Municipality of Stotzing,

Evangelic Church, Eisenstadt and Vienna Hetzendorf

Palais Kabelwerk groundfloor, Vienna (loan)