phantasy travels moments in life

The idea to my 'environment bird', Gouache, 1987, came to life while hiking in the Austrian Semmering mountains area. You walk through highly beautiful nature, except that -it was the year after the atomic reactor accident of 1986- in those days your joy was hampered: NOT ALLOWED to collect mushrooms, berries or herbs, to eat venison; children should not play with sand outdoors, generally staying out in the open air was not really recommended, in brief, life was full of new rules. The little umbrella in the painting became an obsolete protective cover, not protecting of anything. This painting has kept me company throughout all my environment perception, especially observing the handling of people with others and with nature.








tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/maerz2017/Blutstrudel.jpg   tl_files/bilder/newsletterpics/maerz2017/Wiederaufbau.jpg
"Blutstrudel-blood rapids"                           "Wiederaufbau-reconstruction"
acrylics mix on canvas                                    acrylics mix on canvas
2017, 135 x 100 cm                                         2017, 125 x 100 cm